How to Make a Garden from Pallets

Here’s how to make a garden from pallets. It’s a great way to make a raised bed for free and keep the weeds at bay.

Lettuce growing in a pallet garden.
Photo by DIY Homesteading 101, Alina Bradford

I love pallet crafts, so I asked my husband to bring me some home from work. He brought a whole stack! The little spaces in between the slats gave me an idea. What if I made a garden plot from the pallets? So that’s just what I did.

How to Make a Garden from Pallets

First, I laid down a layer of old carpet on the ground to prevent weeds. Then, I laid the pallets on top of the carpet, making sure that there was a  walkway in-between each one.

Finally, I filled the spaces between the slats on the pallet with soil and planted my seeds in the pre-made rows. As you can see from my pictures, the results were awesome!

Everything is very organized since I only planted one type of vegetable per pallet. I wrote on the wood using a large marker so I could remember what was planted where. Here are some more ways to spruce up your garden.

How to Find Pallets for Free to Use in Your Garden

Cucumbers growing in a pallet garden.
Photo by DIY Homesteading 101, Alina Bradford

Using old shipping pallets in your garden is a fantastic way to repurpose and create functional, rustic decor while staying eco-friendly and budget-conscious. Here are some tips on how to find pallets for free:

1. Local Businesses and Warehouses:

  • Reach out to local businesses and warehouses that receive shipments regularly. They often have excess pallets they are willing to give away for free.

2. Construction Sites:

  • Visit nearby construction sites and ask if they have any pallets they plan to discard. Many construction companies are happy to give them away to avoid disposal costs.

3. Retail Stores and Garden Centers:

  • Stores and garden centers often receive goods on pallets. Ask the store manager if you can take any unused pallets off their hands.

4. Craigslist and Freecycle:

  • Check online platforms like Craigslist and Freecycle for free pallet listings in your area. People often give away pallets they no longer need.

5. Social Media and Local Groups:

  • Join gardening or DIY groups on social media platforms and ask if anyone has spare pallets available. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and source free pallets.

6. Dumpster Diving:

  • While this may not be for everyone, check nearby dumpsters or recycling centers for discarded pallets. Always ask for permission before taking anything.

7. Community Gardens and Farms:

  • Community gardens or local farms might have spare pallets lying around. Reach out to them and see if you can pick up a few for your garden projects.

8. Beverage Distributors and Breweries:

  • Beverage distributors and breweries often receive shipments on pallets. They might be willing to part with some extras if you ask politely.

9. Small Businesses:

  • Visit small businesses in your area, such as garden centers, nurseries, or pet stores. They may have pallets they no longer need.

10. Local Schools and Universities:

  • Schools and universities occasionally receive shipments on pallets. Check with their maintenance or facilities departments if they have any to spare.

11. Roadside Giveaways:

  • Keep an eye out for pallets placed by the roadside with a “free” sign. It’s not uncommon for people to give away unwanted pallets this way.

12. Pet Supply Stores:

  • Some pet supply stores receive pet food deliveries on pallets. Check with them if they have any available for reuse.

Remember to Inspect Pallets

When collecting free pallets, inspect them for damage, rot, or chemical spills. Avoid pallets with stains or markings indicating possible contamination.

Safety First: When using pallets in your garden, sand them down to avoid splinters and consider treating them with a weather-resistant sealant.

Check out our guide to organic gardening for more tips!

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