How to Make a Solar Light for Under $10

There’s a misconception that adding solar to your homestead has to be expensive. Not so. There’s an inexpensive way to add solar to a shop building, storage building or chicken coop for less than $10 using recycled materials. The concept is used in many other countries where electricity is scarce, and a similar version was … Read more

Best Places to Go Thrift Shopping 2023

Some cities are better than others when it comes to finding the best places to go thrift shopping. To mark National Thrift Shop Day on Aug. 17, Lawn Love ranked 2023’s Best Cities for Thrifting. They compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on five categories. Did your city make the list? Best Places to Go Thrift Shopping … Read more

How to Make a DIY Portable Air Conditioner

Finished DIY air conditioner.

With the hottest days ever on record melting our faces off, you’re probably looking for every way possible to keep yourself and your animals cool on the homestead. Portable air conditioners are a great way to keep your chicken coop cool, cool down your tent while camping or just ease the simmer while you sit … Read more