What You Need to Know About Solar Batteries

If you’re going solar on the homestead (like us!), you’ll need solar batteries. Solar batteries, also known as solar energy storage systems or solar battery storage, are devices that store excess electricity generated by solar panels for later use. Here are some key points to know about solar batteries. Why you need solar batteries Overall, … Read more

How to Make a Solar Light for Under $10

There’s a misconception that adding solar to your homestead has to be expensive. Not so. There’s an inexpensive way to add solar to a shop building, storage building or chicken coop for less than $10 using recycled materials. The concept is used in many other countries where electricity is scarce, and a similar version was … Read more

How to Make a DIY Portable Air Conditioner

Finished DIY air conditioner.

With the hottest days ever on record melting our faces off, you’re probably looking for every way possible to keep yourself and your animals cool on the homestead. Portable air conditioners are a great way to keep your chicken coop cool, cool down your tent while camping or just ease the simmer while you sit … Read more

Residential Solar Guide for Homesteaders

Embracing residential solar energy is a significant step towards creating a sustainable and self-sufficient homestead. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can reduce your environmental impact, lower your energy costs, and gain independence from the traditional power grid. So, grab your shades and let the sunshine on your DIY homesteading journey! The Basics … Read more