The Top 10 States to Sell a Homestead in a Hurry

Found a new place for a homestead and want to get rid of your old one? Or do you need to sell your home quickly so you can move to your new homestead? Realtors at RubyHome Real Estate analyzed Zillow data to find where the selling process goes the fastest. Is your state on the list? Here’s what they found.

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Top 10 Places Where Home Sales Go Fast

      State      Q1 2022 average days to close      Q1 2023 average days to close      Percentage change 
     1. Utah     28.43     27.07     4% 
    2. Nevada     29.37     27.45     6% 
    3. Idaho     33.58     28.75     14% 
    4. Wisconsin     32.82     28.93     11% 
    5. Texas     31.64     29.08     8% 
    6. Arkansas     34.70     29.53     14% 
  7. Washington     33.13     30.25     8% 
     8. Oregon     38.15     31.44     17% 
     9. Georgia     35.46     31.45     11% 
     10. Wyoming     34.75     31.50     9% 

The national average to close a sale in real estate is 33.5 days. Of course, market conditions can make sales go fast or creep along. These are the fastest states to sell in.

Coming in at the top spot, we have Utah. This state makes selling a home a breeze, with an average of just 27.07 days to close in 2023. That’s 4% faster than the previous year, when it took around 28.43 days to close.

Next up, we have Nevada in second place, where it takes an average of 27.45 days to close during the first quarter of 2023. In 2022, during the same period, it was 29.37 days, so things are getting even smoother for home sellers.

Idaho deserves a special mention, too, as it has one of the largest improvements. In 2022, it took around 33.58 days to close, but in 2023, the average dropped to just 28.75 days. That’s a remarkable difference of 4.17 days, and homes are now selling 14% faster in Idaho.

Photo by Binyamin Mellish

Wisconsin is another state where selling a home fast is becoming a breeze. It ranks fourth, with an average of 28.93 days to close in 2023, a significant reduction from the 32.82 days in 2022, making it 4.11 days faster!

Texas takes the fifth spot with an average of 29.08 days to close in 2023, compared to 31.64 days in the first quarter of 2022. So, selling homes in Texas is now a bit quicker too!

Arkansas secures the sixth position with an average of 29.53 days to close in 2023. That’s quite an improvement from the average of 34.70 days in 2022, making it 5.17 days or 14% faster than before.

Heading to the seventh spot, we find Washington with an average of 30.25 days in 2023. Compared to the 33.13 days in 2022, homes are selling 8% faster now.

Finally, Oregon, Georgia, and Wyoming all take just over a month to close a house sale in 2023. Oregon boasts the largest difference, selling homes 17% faster, with an average of 31.44 days, compared to 38.15 days in 2022.