How to Make a DIY Terrarium: Solo Cup Craft

My daughter bought a plant terrarium kit at Hobby Lobby and loved it, so we made our own DIY Terrarium at home. All you need is two clear plastic cups, some clear tape, soil, a nail and a plant or seed.

This easy craft is a big crowd-pleaser at kid’s parties since it takes very little skill, takes only a few minutes, and it’s cheap. Even better, it makes a terrarium that really works. The cups make a nice, humid environment for the plant to keep it moist and toasty.

Finished DIY terrarium with plants inside.
Photo by DIY Homesteading 101
Homemade Plant Terrarium 1 1

Make some holes

First, use the nail to poke a few holes in the bottom of one of the cups. These holes will be the drainage and watering area.

Closed terrariums like this one will need to be watered every few months. Since you can’t open the terrarium once you finish this project, to water the plant you’ll need to set the terrarium into a shallow bowl of water. The water will seep through the holes into the soil to water the plant.

Put the dirt into the cup and add plant.

Plant the plant

Next, put the dirt into the cup with holes. You’ll want to fill up the cup to one inch from the rim. Then, plant your plant or seed in the soil. Place the other cup on top, rim to rim.

Clear Solo Cup

Solo Cup 100 Pack

Homemade Plant Terrarium 3 1

Finish the DIY terrarium

To finish, run a strip of tape around the rims of the cups to tape them together. Do this one more time, just to make sure the cups are sealed together.

To add a little razzle-dazzle, you can let the kiddos decorate their homemade terrariums with stickers, markers, glitter, washi tape or whatever. Just make sure all of the decor is on the bottom cup so that it doesn’t block the sun from getting to the plant.

Also, have your kiddo name their new plant friend and write the name somewhere on the DIY terrarium.

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